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Plane Jane Takes the Runway
Apparel, Accessories and Artifacts for the Aviatrix
I've wanted to fly a plane for as long as I can remember and finally began flying lessons last year. I'm sure the inspiration is from my father who used to fly my brother and me from the coast to the valley for ice cream on Sundays when we were very young. 
I wanted something that celebrated this new endeavor and as a life long seamstress, coming up with the handmade clothing and accessories you see was exciting and great fun!  
I hope you find something on the site that you'll enjoy as much as I've enjoyed creating it. 
See you in the sky,  Jane
Our model Erin was introduced to aviation at the age of 15 when her grandfather took her for her first airplane ride.  After that, she was hooked and proceeded to get her pilot's license at 17 before she could even drive a car.  Now, she enjoys teaching ground school, flying when she can and visiting the airport with her young son.
With Appreciation
Thank you sincerely to Willamette Aviation in Aurora, Oregon for the generous use of their exceptional aviation facilites and handsome aircraft for this website. 
Also thank you to Douglas Oman Photography for the beautiful airport photographs.